ERA has it's own YouTube Channel which we will consistently upload new videos too, we will be uploading videos to do with YGO,VANGUARD and HEARTHSTONE which we hope that you all will enjoy!. ERA also has it's own site dedicated to the promotion of YGOPRO and other related systems we wanted to promote and keep a history of the YGOPRO forums and their YugiTubers over the years.YGOPROMOTIONS will also upload the music used for the videos so you don't have to try and find out that song stuck in your head! Check the site and channels out and show your support thanks.

Eternity Rise Academy is an online community that exists to bring it's members some of the best entertainment and fun around for them to enjoy.
Do you want to improve your card game skills? Maybe you just want to relax and discuss the game you just played or that latest anime u just watched. ERA is the best place to do all of them and more with our welcoming community who are more than willing to offer you a hand to help improve your skills and will happily discuss anything with you.
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