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Rebel_Afro Test Result

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HS Name : Tensa#2364
CFV Name : UltraViolet
YGOPro Name : Tensa
Duel Points : 1120
HS Record : 1-0-0
CFV Record : 0-0-0
YGO Record : 2-0-2
Posts : 214
Location : Ireland

PostSubject: Rebel_Afro Test Result Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:04 pm

Match : Gadget-Hand-Traptrix (Tester) vs 4 Axis-Fire Fist (Testee)

Match Result : (0/10 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Deck Construction Review:
You play 2 Horn of the Phantom Beast and 3 Tensen. These cards makes your deck very slow and helps Ragna Zero killing you + they're Death Draws so often. I's also prefer Breaktroughskill in Fire Fist because of that Ragna Zero. It's better than Findish in this deck. Your deck looks quite consistent but i think it'S very slow. I don't like your Extra-Deck! There are Cards like Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, Ragna Zero, Rhapsody...missing. You play 2 Cardinal, 1 would be enough. Also 2 Tiger Kings are enough. Corn and Daigusto Emeral are not needed!

Quote :
Deck Score: 17/25

Performance - 17/20

First game: You played good, but i'd summon Silent Honor Ark instead of Kagutschi which also was possible.
second game: Turn4: activating Tensen was a big mistake. All you got was 1000 Damage more but i could kill your tenki and make Ragna Zero that again killed you. You also could activate tensu after you summoned  Dragon for getting a Tensen.

Siding: You sided Black Horn, Stormforth and Vanity's Fiend. That was okay.

Match: Evilswarm (Tester) vs U.A (Testee)

Single Duel Result : (0/5 points)
Lost Duel [X] = 0 points

Deck Construction Review::

looks fine!

Quote :
Deck Score: 20/20

Performance - 14/15

You had a very bad Match up. The only mistake you did was that MST in Turn 7.

Quote :
Extra: 5/5 points
Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3.

Overall Score: 73/100
Dorm Placement: Rune-Eyes

Tested by Kirtis63
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Chaos Vital


YGOPro Name : KrisKirk
Duel Points : 165
HS Record : 0-0-0
CFV Record : 0-0-0
YGO Record : 10-0-1
Posts : 69
Location : Scotland

PostSubject: Re: Rebel_Afro Test Result Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:49 pm

Dorm Awarded & Thread Locked!

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Rebel_Afro Test Result
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