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ProHeart Test Result

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HS Name : Tensa#2364
CFV Name : UltraViolet
YGOPro Name : Tensa
Duel Points : 1120
HS Record : 1-0-0
CFV Record : 0-0-0
YGO Record : 2-0-2
Posts : 214
Location : Ireland

PostSubject: ProHeart Test Result Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:46 pm

Match : Evilswarm (Tester) vs Gravekeeper (Testee)

Match Result : (0/10 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Deck Construction Review:
Consistency And Synergy -  Your Deck is not bad, looks consistent for me. But i'd play Shaman at least in Side Deck, also Disciple isn't that bad. It can search Spy. You should test those cards. I' m also not sure if EEV is a good Siding option. Your deck is too slow for xyz Summon and the MSDD isn't even searchable. Also Daigusto Emeral isn't such a good choice. YOu don't play many monsters and Necrovalley kills it.

Quote :
Deck Score: 22/25
Deck Count -  40/15 perfect!

Performance - 20/20

You didn't make any mistakes first game!
Also 2nd game there was no mistake. You had a bad draw.

Siding: You sided MST 2 Black Horn 2 Dirge for 3 Upstart, 1 PoD and 1 MSDD. That was the best you can do i think.

Match: Gadget-Traptrix-Hand (Tester) vs Worm-Hands (Testee)

Single Duel Result : (0/5 points)
Lost Duel [X] = 0 points

Deck Construction Review::

If i don't look at the Side Deck its a good build.

Quote :
Deck Score: 20/20

Performance - 10/15

I don't know why you didn t use your PoD after i destroyed Rai-Oh.
Bth vs Myrmeleo.
After PoD trying to loop with hands.
Attacking Myrmeleo with fire hand although i had no other monster.
If you didn't use those 3 MSTs i'd play slower and you might have a chance for a come back.

Quote :
Extra: 5/5 points
Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3.

Overall Score: 77/100
Dorm Placement: Rune-Eyes

Tested by Kirtis63
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Chaos Vital


YGOPro Name : KrisKirk
Duel Points : 165
HS Record : 0-0-0
CFV Record : 0-0-0
YGO Record : 10-0-1
Posts : 69
Location : Scotland

PostSubject: Re: ProHeart Test Result Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:58 pm

Dorm Awarded & Thread Locked!

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ProHeart Test Result
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