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Dueling network asks Ygorganization for help

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PostSubject: Dueling network asks Ygorganization for help Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:33 pm

Yup thats right just like the title say Dueling network have asked Ygorganization member for help by getting them to post the Secrets of Eternity (SECE) cards so they can then put them on Dueling network.

SECE DN Post wrote:
Want to help out Dueling Network? Want to help out the site? See inside!

So on our Facebook page earlier today, we announced that we don’t have the SECE cards, and rather than scouring ebay for crappy pics, we want to see the pics of the cards YOU guys got. Submit them on the page and if you have good pics (in any language!) of the World Premiere cards, that are level, clear, and large enough, we will upload those cards to DN (including the 3 missing Burning Abyss monsters). We also need any name changes and text updates, so throw all 100 cards at us, especially the commons!

Facebook Ygorganization Post wrote:
Comment pics of your sneak cards, and we'll update DN with the new names, texts, and even the new World Premiere (TCG Exclusive) cards! If you're uploading a TCG Exclusive for us, make sure your photo is level, clear, and large!

What do you guys think is Dueling network being lazy or is it good they are getting help?
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Dueling network asks Ygorganization for help
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