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Team Rules

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PostSubject: Team Rules Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:37 pm


Creating a Team

To create a team following these guidelines:

Make a post in Tag Registration with the team name as the topic title. When making a post please follow this format :

Team Name
Team Rules
Team Logo (Optional)
Team Leader
Team Duty-Leader
Team Sub (Optional)
War History (Optional)

Teams can only have 2 members & 1 sub member.

Disbanding/Leaving Teams

Leaders who disband or leave their team cannot join another team for 3 weeks and cannot create a team for 4 weeks.

Members who leave a team of his/her own accord cannot join another team for 2 week or make a team for 3 weeks.

If a Member is removed from a Team, that Member may join another team or make a team as they see fit.

Team Activity

Teams that have not actively pursued a war against another team for 1 month will receive a PM notifying leaders that they will be given a week to declare a challenge if the team doesn't declare a challenge within a week they will be disbanded.

Tag Points

Teams need 300 TP to claim an unclaimed region

Teams need 200TP to challenge a team for a region


To initiate a war, simply post in another team's bunker and request one. After both teams have agreed they should make a post in the region they are warring.

Team Leaders contact info needs to be listed.

When wars are completed, ALL replays/screenshots must be posted in the war topic.

Failure to follow these rules may result in invalidation of the war.

War Format

2 vs 2 (Subs Optional)

Each team is assigned 6 Hearts.

Tag duels

A heart is taken away for each Tag duel loss. The first team to eliminate all the opposing team's hearts is the winner.

Other rules apply based on region.


The cards allowed will be OCG/TCG (both).

The banlist used in a war will always be the banlist that was in effect on the date the war started.

Deck/Card restrictions vary based on region.


All subs must be designated at the beginning of a war.

A substitute can come in for any member of the team...but once they come in for a member, they cannot be subbed out again & the person being subbed can't come back into the war.

If a member is subbed into a war which wasn't designated at the beginning of a war that team will lose 2 hearts in that war.

Help Request:

A team can request help from another tag team but with a penalty they will forfeit the TP from the war to the team which helped if they win & will make the war four against two with 2 hearts added to the team which maded the request but if they still lose the war even with help the winning team gets all the dp from the war plus both the losing teams are banned from challenging for that region for a month


Any player found to be impersonating another player or having 2 different accounts will be BANNED from the war arena & tag league for 3 months.The team with the banned player will lose the war/s the banned player was found to be impersonating another player in.Proof must be provided in the form of chatlogs.

In the event of a disconnection during a War match, ensure that all replays are saved. In the event a replay can't be saved, attempt to take a screenshot of the field. If a Winner could not be decided after the disconnection, Players can replay that duel. Simply setup a new match, surrender appropriately (so you can side), and continue dueling from the game that was left off. If there are any disputes on the outcome of a duel, a War Staff Member will review any replays, screenshots, or accounts of the match and will come to a decision on how to proceed. The War Staff Member's decision is final and will be accepted by both teams.

Rewards in Wars:

Reward for Winning Team

100 TP (If a challenging team wins they keep their 200 TP & don't get the 100 TP)

Each member will receive 70 dp

Additionally, players will earn 30 DP for every Tag duel they win.

Players who don't participate will receive no points.

Reward for Losing Team

Each member will receive 20 dp

Additionally, players will earn 30 DP for every Tag duel they win.

Players who don't participate will receive no points.

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Team Rules
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