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Crey World Gamble Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Crey World Gamble Arena Rules Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:43 pm


 Gamble Arena is sometimes Razz a fun way to gamble your DP by challenging another member to a duel & betting an amount of DP

Before starting a GA duel make sure that both duelist have the amount of DP for the bet in order for the duel to be counted.

The winner of the duel must make a post in GambleArena for the Topic title write who dueled (i.e me vs opponent name) & post the score plus the DP Bet & replays/screenshots in it then the loser must confirm his loss on the thread.

Duel modes supported:

Single mode

The winner is awarded a win on their record & the DP the opponent put up for the  Gamble Arena.

The loser is given a loss on their record.


~ Post 1 (Tensa): Tensa vs Atif2z.
~ I won 2- 6 Bet 100dp. Here are the replays/ screenshoot: (links to uploaded replays)
~ Post 2 (Atif2z): I confirm loss.
~ Post 3 (Admin/Mod): Awarded and locked.

You can only duel the same person for a  Gamble Arena once every 3 days.

If you want to find a duel with someone PM a member or simply ask in the chat if anyone wants to SA.

1.) If it has been 3 days since the topics original postdate, an Admin or a Mod will review the replays and then force Award and Lock the GA.

2.) Under circumstances where there are difficulties in replays or understanding who won, an Admin or a Mod will review the replays and come up with a winner or invalidate the GA.

3.) Invalidation of a GA duel will occur in the case of there being an absence of replays and no way to determine a clear victor.

(NOTE: Admins and Mods)

When Awarding and Locking a Gamble Arena, make sure the two duelists have not participated more than twice in a Gamble Arena duel within the last 3 days before Awarding and Locking it. If the two duelists have indeed dueled in a GA duel within the last 3 days, you must invalidate the GA and lock it.

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Crey World Gamble Arena Rules
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