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ERA About Us

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PostSubject: ERA About Us ERA About Us I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2015 1:58 am

ERA About Us Era_ri10

-::Eternity Rise Academy, The beginning::-

ERA was created on 12 October 2014 and was officially launched about 3 Weeks after.
ERA was mostly made of the back of NOA & owes it's founding to it's members & staff which requested for NOA to Reopen. NOA Staff decision we needed a fresh start & that's when ERA was born so in a way ERA is NOA.

-::YGO ERA::-
ERA when it started until it merged with RDA was a Yugioh dedicated forum & was known to use Devpro as it's Main System unlike most of the YGOPRO forums which preferred Percival's YGOPRO Percy.ERA was mostly focused around it's Rankings & Testing which is why ERA's Events incorporate rankings into them are testing system saw success largely due to recruiting & changes being made to other Yugioh forums which were changing to a ranking dorm system.ERA's goal just like NOA's was to give people an alternative to the other YGOPRO forums which at the time keep to their same ways & didn't want to change.ERA tried to take it's members feedback into account when making things for the forum which is why ERA was working on a testing system that would let us updated to a new dorm ranking system while incorporating the member feedback which wanted to still have testing.ERA's New Dorm system was a 3 dorm system with 3 tiers in each & the top dorm had testing in it this would let us keep testing without needing a lot of teachers.Sadly this System never got to be used ERA was merged into RDA before it could be put in placed.

-::New ERA::-

ERA as of now is a forum which will focus on 3 Games Yugioh,Vanguard & Hearthstone as well as discuss Anime & Gaming this was decided because of the decline of Yugioh as of late & with Hearthstone gaining popularity & Vanguard getting it's own official game in 2016 we here at ERA think making the forum this way will allow us to better serve the community.

-::Our Goals::-

1- To Best Serve each & everyone of our members here at ERA with the Entertainment they want.
2- To help out other sites and academies.
3- Creating a enjoyable & friendly site for everyone.
4- Achieving stable activity.

-::Our Vision::-

To Grow a stable active community which can come to ERA to enjoy a wide range of Entertainment & to keep our members updated with the latest news from the anime's & games we cover on ERA we hope to make ERA into a place people can come to & relax.
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ERA About Us
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