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JK Meshi! Anime

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PostSubject: JK Meshi! Anime JK Meshi! Anime I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2015 2:15 pm

JK Meshi! Anime Sem_ty10

Ryōka , Reina e Ruriko

Main Protagonist wrote:

They really like to cook JK-meshi which is a kind of rise.


They are nice allways distracted in class and thinking abaut jk-meshi.

-::JK-Meshi Background::-

JK Meshi! (JKめし!) “JK” is an abbreviation for “joshi kousei”, or high school girl, and “meshi” means “cooked rice” or “meal”. JK Meshi! is a TV series produced by studios Kyotama and Nobu Office, which began in Japan in October 2015.

Slice of life , cooking


Three high school girls have mastered the art of cooking simple, B-class dishes called JK meshi. The three girls — Reina, Ryouka, and Ruriko — are all classmates in their second year of high school. They often get distracted when studying for tests, and when they do, they cook JK meshi.

-::Where to Watch::-




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JK Meshi! Anime
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