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Shaddolls In Deep Deck Profile

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PostSubject: Shaddolls In Deep Deck Profile Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:50 pm

Shaddolls Deck Profile

Shaddols Monsters:

Shaddoll Beast

Shaddoll Beast Effect:

Shaddol beast is the draw power of the deck so would be great to have 3 of them but is possible to have 2. Generally when you have the first turn you you can send squamata and beast to grave and then draw 2 cards.

Shaddoll Squamata

Shaddoll Squamata Effect:

Squamata is the main engine of this deck, has you can put in the grave any shaddoll card to active their effects , so i highly recoment running 3 of them. Also has the flip effect to destroy a monster on the field. You can only use one of them per turn.

Shaddoll Falcoo

Shaddoll Falco Effect:

Falco is the tuner and the monster reborn of this deck he can either revive himself or other shaddolls. you should run 2 max in the deck 

Shaddoll Dragon

Shaddoll Dragon Effect:

Dragon is the mst and raiza of the shaddoll deck, you should use maxx of 2

Shaddolls Spells:

Shaddol Fusion

Shaddoll Fusion Effect:

This card is really great has it has the ability to send fusion material from deck if your oppenent has an special summon monster.

El-Shaddoll Fusion

El-Shaddoll Fusion Effect:

Shaddoll Core

Shaddoll Core:


Ell Shaddoll Shekhinaga

Shaddoll Shekinaga Effect:

Shekinaga is the earth fusion of the shaddolls he can negate the effect of special summon monsters.

El Shaddoll anomalilith

Ell Fhaddoll Anomalilith Effect:

The new water fusion , works like vanity for hand and graveyard.

Support Cards


Mathmatician Effect:
Mathmatician can send a +1 card for grave and also gives you a +1 draw after destroyed , you should definitely use 2 or 3.

Denko Sekka

Denko Sekka Effect:

Senka is the Trap stun of this deck has it stops all trap and spell cards from being actived you must run atleast 2 in main and 1 in side if not 3 in main


Mistake Effect:

Mistake is the way this deck has to have any chance against Qliphort

Deck Vertions

Denko Shaddolls Deck:

Siding against Shaddolls

Vanity Emptiness

Vanity Enptyness Effect:
Good against special summon decks so stops all winning codicions of shaddolls

Non-Fusion Area

Non Fusion Area Effect:

Stops fusion decks which the winning condicion of shaddolls.


De.fusion effect:

Not as good as non-fusion area but can stop somehow the deck.

Vanity Fiend

Vanity Fiend Effcet:

Stops special summons and also his an 2400 beat stick.

Shadow-impresioning mirror

Shadow-imprisioning mirror effect:

Negate all dark monsters effect in grave and field.

Magesty Fiend

Majesty´s Fiend Effct:

Stop flip effcts and is an 2400 beat stick.

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Shaddolls In Deep Deck Profile
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