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Resurrection Duel Academy Introduction!

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PostSubject: Resurrection Duel Academy Introduction! Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:47 pm

Resurrection Duel Academy [RDA]


RDA's Intro 

Hello ERA,

RDA is small YGO community seeking to grow bigger and become better to help our members learn, and more importantly have a lot of fun together. This is why our mascots are the 4 members of the Plant Princess archetype, representing the harmony of the 4 seasons.

We offer full time entertainment in our events, which can vary. Not all of our events are related to dueling.

Our main platform that we use is YGOPro Percy's version, an automated dueling system that helps you to have faster duels with easier ways than manual dueling systems.

We're using a different system for dorms , rather than normal testing. Instead, Skill Points based system that ranks you to a dorm with the amount of points you collect on the academy. There are many ways to do this, including arenas, our events, and many more activities.

We offer events on weekly basis, so there's always something to participate in. We also have Daily Lives that we host when the chatbox is active.

Half of the fun is to discover the new activities for yourself, as well as the diverse members of the community. We're sure you'll find many things you'll like!

I hope soon, RDA and ERA will be able to interact more as communities and cooperate to provide as much fun as possible to everyone involved.

Promoting Fun, Always.

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Resurrection Duel Academy Introduction!
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