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Side Decking Guide etc

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PostSubject: Side Decking Guide etc Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:39 pm

Hey guys I thought i would write a bit about the side deck since a lot of people underestimate the side deck. A lot of the things you will hear people say is my deck is good enough it doesn't need a side or it’s just a few cards you can use to modify your main Deck between Duels etc.

First off lets start with keeping your deck as close to 40 as possible beginners often think that more cards means more power & often put 45 to 50 cards in a deck & think maining more powerful cards makes their deck better than a deck of 40 cards which would be wrong. Lets compare the decks:

40+ Card Decks


+ Less likely to deckout


- Less consistent/bad hands

- Will need more Draw cards etc to get to the cards it needs

- Less likely to take a chance in a duel when presented

40 Card Deck


+ More consistent

+ Doesn't need as much draw cards

+ More likely to get a card when you need it/Top deck

+ More likely to make an offense play when your opponent is unprepared


- More likely to deckout if in a duel against a 40+ card deck if the duel gets that far.

As you can see maining more cards is not always the way to go this is where the side deck comes in.

The Side Deck lets you shift your strategy. There’s nothing wrong with insurance, but too many defensive cards in your Main Deck makes offense hard, especially when your opponent is unprepared. Likewise, some cards are only useful weapons, but only against very specific Deck-types. These are the cards you’ll want to stash in your Side Deck—the cards you only may need. There’ll be plenty of time to decide what to change in the second (and possibly third) Duels.

Lets say i'm playing a Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck against a Evilswarm deck my deck is clearly at a disadvantage because it relies on lv5 & higher monsters. Yes i could use my backrow but that will only stop your opponent for a bit & Evilswarm have Infestation Pandemic this is were you really need a side deck & a good one.So if i have a good side i could side cards like Shadow-imprisoning mirror,Stygian dirge, Blackhorn & Xyz Encore etc with these cards i can destroy Ophion to stopping Evilswarm
From Xyz letting my deck play & giving me the chance to win the duel.

What you side out is just as important as what you side in:

Think about your deck and ask yourself what you can safely side out. Think about if the cards you side in benefit your deck against your opponent & that the cards i'm siding out doesn't make the deck lose consistency unless it outweighed by the benefits of the cards I'm siding in. Remember, siding should not change your overall deck core; your deck should work and play exactly the same way it did before you sided.

Use Side cards which can be used against multiple deck:

Cards like System down is not a card which can be used against multiple decks a lot of the side decks now are for the meta & usually the side cards can be sided against a few different decks remember there is very limited room in the side so you need to make the most of it.

Sides: Prohibition, Maxx "C", Veiler,Trap Stun,Phoenix Wing Wind Blast,Divine Wrath, Mistake, Mystical Space Typhoon, Dust Tornado, Mind Crush,Black Horn of Heaven,Vanity's Emptiness etc

Counter Siding

Counter Siding is another way to side & you will usually see a lot of experienced yugioh players doing this for example if i'm using a deck which doesn't run much traps & i duel a experienced yugioh player the experienced player will predict your sides like royal decree & counter side against you by siding in cards like mst & dust tornado etc.

I posted this on the Old Forum NOA awhile ago i have posted it here to help some of the new member understand why we talk about the side deck etc being important.
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Side Decking Guide etc
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