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Noxivilus Test Result

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HS Name : Tensa#2364
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PostSubject: Noxivilus Test Result Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:19 pm

Match : Constellar(Tester) vs Evilswarm/Rank-up (Testee)

Duel 1
Turn 1 you set Hraesvelg & set one backrow on Kirtis turn he summoned Tiras & attacked your Hraesvelg which destroyed his Tiras.

I ain't afraid of no God!:

Turn 5 the game started to change more in Kirtis favour when he honest your ophion & the next turn he was able to finish it when he drew into Sombre.

Can't Beat it return it!:

Duel 2
Second duel you set 2 backrow then passed Kirtis on his turn he was able to summon Tiras & was able to then go on to win the duel by turn 5 because you had nothing to stop him.

Summon Pleiades not like it will do anything!:

Match Result : (0/10 points)
Lost match [X.X] = 0 points

Deck Construction :

Quote :
Main Deck Review:
The Main deck is not your basic Evilswarm deck most Evilswarm use mostly 5 of the Evilswarms Thunderbird,Heliotrope,Castor,Kerykeion & Mandragora & run 2 to 3 of them each your deck runs 4 of these with the other 5 Evilswarm monsters which sort of changes the the main purpose of Evilswarm which is to get ophion out as fast as possible & protect it.Next thing is that your deck mixes Rank-up & ZW with Evilswarm which is interesting but with the ZW it takes up to much space in the deck just to either go in Utopia then equip it with the ZW monsters which u also want to use with with barian force to go into Number 99 which is a 3 to 5 card combo which when summoned can get stop easily by 1 trap card r get destroyed r taken by other cards.The deck also runs cards which don't work well together Salamandra,Allure & Creeping darkness all banish which will leave Kerykeion,Xyz reborn & The beginning of the end all with no targets you also use royal degree but use the continuous trap Infection & a Situational trap Xyz Reborn. It's an interesting deck but tries to do to much which hurts the deck with it's consistency.

Drop the ZW monsters & try more to use the basic verz engine with the rank-ups an option would be to change to Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force take Creeping & beginning out if u want to use draw card use ones u can use right way also if u don't want to hit by backrow r card effects use lance & chalice etc it will be the better option than royal decree if u want to use traps..

Quote :
Extra Deck Review:
Your Extra Deck is ok it just doesn't have much options when it comes to the XYZ number c monsters.

Wouldn't really change much in the extra only a few suggestions u don't need the 2 101's u could use Number 103,Dweller & Dire Wolf etc

Quote :
Deck Score: 14/25

Performance - 13/20

Duel 1: Not really a misplay but on turn 5 u could of summoned 101 or Castel instead of summoning Ophion since kirtis summoning omega which is only 2400 attack must of been for a reason & that was because of honest also on on turn 5 you used infestion on your end phrase for no reason that was a waste.

Duel 2: Saw No misplays here

Siding: You didn't Side anything the side is really important in match duels it can change duels in your favour so make sure to use your side in tests & outside them too.

Match: Evilswarm (Tester) vs Six Samurai (Testee)

Single Duel Result : (?/5 points)
Lost Duel [X] = ? points

Deck Construction Review::

Used a Banned Card Snatch Steal so won't be marked/reviewed

Quote :
Deck Score: ?/20

Performance - ?/15

Used a Banned Card Snatch Steal

Quote :
Extra: 5/5 points
Using different decks: +2
Attitude: +3

Overall Score: 32/100
Dorm Placement: Virgil Red

Tested by Tensa

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PostSubject: Re: Noxivilus Test Result Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:43 pm

testee dorm placed and tester dp awarded

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Noxivilus Test Result
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